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TV tray and table sets are an increasingly common furniture accessory to purchase these days. Whether for good or bad, the modern and often hectic lifestyles mean the traditional table meal is too time consuming and often not applicable to one or two person households. This vintage TV tray and table set with a Tuscan wine label theme is the perfect addition to your living room if you like to eat or entertain guests in front of the television.

The four vintage TV trays included in this table set are designed with remakes of the old fashioned wine labels found in Tuscany, in central Italy. Made from highly durable materials, the 4 vintage trays make a lovely decorative addition to an interior space, regardless in many ways of the existing décor scheme. If you have a fondness for Italy along with Italian food, wine and culture, then these Tuscan wine label TV trays will be ideal.

Convenient and functional, the four vintage TV trays come with a stand for easy storage. This can be placed discretely against a wall when the trays are not in use and can contribute to the décor of the room as a furniture piece. This wine label tray and table set can also be used as laptop tables, also for use in front of a TV. For people whose work requires keeping up-to-date with economic markets and news on the television, the vintage trays will be a nice retro-furniture addition to this requirement.

You can buy these table trays and stand from here: Vintage TV Tray and Table Sets.

Price: $129.00