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The candlestick telephone was a highly popular early-20th Century phone design that first came into being during the late 1890s. Also known as the “upright”, “desk stand” or the “stick phone”, the candlestick telephone became an icon of the 1920s and 1930s. This vintage replica in chrome is a retro celebration of this delightfully designed although very simple (by modern standards) telephone. However, this replica also comes with contemporary extras to appeal to the modern generation.

The replica comes with the addition of a rotary dial. Look carefully though, the rotary dial is not as it appears. It’s actually a push button dial and combines the now largely obsolete, although less vintage, rotary dial with the more up-to-date touchpads seen in cell phones and landlines today. For all aesthetic purposes however, it looks and feels traditional in all ways.

The retro candlestick telephone replica also comes with a few more modern additions which would have seemed like magic back in the 1920s. A ringer volume switch, a tone/pulse switch and earpiece volume control all bring contemporary creature comforts and control literally to your fingertips. Alexander Graham Bell would be shrieking with delight if he were still around.

When the phone rings, pick up the earpiece and begin talking into the bell-shaped mouthpiece. You’ll soon feel like you’ve travelled back in time and are arranging meetings with friends and business associates in the era that was an amazing and exciting time for the development of early technology and dramatic inventions. The candlestick phone is perfect for placement on a small end table beside a sofa or bedroom side table, especially with a traditional décor scheme.

You can buy this retro phone from here: Crosley Vintage Style Candlestick Phone in Chrome.

Dimensions 6.5″ w x 11.75″h x 5.5″d