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The bobsled, or bobsleigh, is one of my favorite competitions in the Winter Olympics. It was therefore no surprise that when I came across this black and white vintage poster of a bobsled crew racing by on a big Vendleboe Curve, I had to write about it here. The bobsled first became an Olympic sport way back in 1924 but has since become one of the iconic images of the Winter Games. This is no wonder for the event is one of the fastest and most dangerous of all competitions.

Bobsled Racing by on a Big Vendleboe Curve During the Winter Olympics

Bobsled Racing by on a Big Vendleboe Curve During the Winter Olympics

The vintage bobsled poster above shows a team of four hurtling down an ice track. I can’t be sure of which Winter Olympics it is from but looking at the style of clothing and helmets, it’s likely to be from the late 1950s and into the 1960s. This places the event possibly in one of three possible locations, including Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy, Innsbruck in Austria or Grenoble in France.

It’s a classic-style poster that will bring a touch of history into the room of a bobsled fan. The black and white photographic image of the bobsled will compliment a wide variety of settings and interiors as noted by the picture directly above. If you’ve been enjoying the bobsleigh during the current Vancouver Winter Olympics, then this vintage bobsled poster will make an excellent reminder of the speed, bravery and camaraderie of this visually stunning sport.

Did you know?: The first half-pipe bobsled track was built in 1870 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It’s still in use today.