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Looking for a vibrant set of placemats for your dining room table? If so, this rooster themed placemat set from Benson Mills will be just the thing you’re looking for. Kitchens have traditionally been associated with farmyard animal themes dating back to the old days when a lot of homes kept chickens, pigs and other animals in their yards and gardens. Roosters also appear widely in folk tales around the world and are thus a great decorative animal to place in your home.

This set of four rooster placemats is ideal for the typical family. The vibrant colors portrayed in the design of the mats are what really set them apart from most other styles. Beautiful rich reds, oranges and browns invoke the rural landscape scene and bring the excitement of the farm into the dining room. For a family with young children, these placemats will be especially appealing.

They can be used each and every day and require just a gentle wipe to keep clean. The placemats will protect the surface of your dining table from stains and scratches, thereby keeping expensive furniture free from harm. Whether you’re entertaining guests with a few cocktails or sitting down for a big Sunday dinner, these rooster placemats will be perfect additions to the décor of the table.

You can buy the set here: Benson Mills Cork Placemats, Rooster Pride, Set of 4Place Mats).

Size: 16 x 12 inches.