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African designs are an increasingly popular choice for decorative accessories in the West. This vibrant mudcloth African table runner is just such an example of this expanding décor sector. Table runners in general are a nice way to add color and decoration to a dining room or kitchen table. Instead of using a more regular tablecloth that covers the entire table, table runners like this American mudcloth table runner made in Mali allow the table’s surface beneath, to be shown.

If you have old antique wooden tables or surfaces that are just too good to cover entirely, table runners offer an alternative which allows for some protection to the most used areas of the table. Table runners can also be used purely for decoration on a variety of tables whether in use or not, such as coffee tables. When used in coordination with other decorative tableware, table runners can really stand out and offer the perfect backdrop to a social occasion.

This vibrant mudcloth African table runner is made by artisans in the West African nation of Mali. Mudcloth, also known as bogolan, is one of Mali’s traditional textiles and this adaptation as seen in the picture above will make a rich cultural addition to your dining table. The history of Mali is fascinating and the area was indeed once part of the three famed West African empires known as the Sahelian Kingdoms.

Traditionally, mud cloth was first established by the Bamana tribe from inside Mali. They are usually hand woven and hand-dyed using centuries old techniques and including various plant juices, teas and mud.

If you have African heritage or are just an admirer of African cultural arts and designs then this mudcloth table runner made in Mali will make a lovely decorative and functional feature to your dining room or kitchen.

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