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Decorative room divider and accent screens are a wonderful way to add both color, shape and visual appeal to an interior. Rather like wall mosaics, a good decorative divider can enhance a room where before it might have been lacking in focus and thematic clarity. This black and white Venice Canal photo screen room divider as seen below is a lovely addition for a room with a decidedly Italian, European or Classical style of décor.

Venice, La Dominante, the Queen of the Adriatic and the City of Canals, a place where dreams are fulfilled and kisses dance in the reflections of the waterside windows. The Medieval city that has played such a vital role in Europe’s history has been described as the most beautiful city on the planet and there are few that would disagree. This is why photographic scenes of Venice canals are ideal images for home decorative art, accessories and interior décor.

The Renaissance-style beauty of this Venice Canal decorative room divider screen will bring a sophisticated and historical charm to a variety of Interior styles and numerous settings. If you have visited Venice and have furniture that has been influenced or crafted by Italian craftsmen, then this Venice Canal screen will compliment the scene and ambiance completely.

The most beneficial aspect of this room divider is that there are two separate photo images on either side. This means the divider can be placed in the center of a large room thereby creating two extra and more intimate spaces, or it can be located against a wall and every now and then, reversed to reveal a refreshed view of the City of Water.

Price: $125