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I’ve also liked figurative statues and art work and so when I set eyes on this 7-piece Jazz band set made from wood, I was immediately hooked. Serene and gentle figures play unheard music from metal instruments such as the saxophone, bass, flute and guitar. The beautiful form of the wooden figures merges with the intricacy of the metal instrumental pieces to form a complimentary ‘symbiosis’ of materials.

If you’re a fan of Jazz or band music in general, this set of 7 band figurines will make an ideal addition to a living room coffee table or dining room sideboard. They’ll remind you of your passion whilst also giving visiting guests an impression of your personality and interests. Each of the band players is made from a combination of Mindi wood and iron which have been somewhat purposefully distressed. The metal accents of the instruments create a contrast that will be highlighted further with suitable spot lighting or accent lamps.

When you have the big bands playing on the radio, you can sit back and admire the beauty of these 7 jazz band statues made by the artist Matthew Williams. They can be arranged in any format depending on your mood and tastes. Whichever way you decide to position the wooden figurines, they are sure to provide a tasteful and eye-catching addition to just about any room in the home.

You can find these here: 7-Piece Wooden Jazz Band Statue.

Price: $217.80