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This bucket on a plinth urinal is technically aimed at commercial restrooms but with a little re-plumbing, you can also put it in a domestic bathroom. It’s just too good and original not to include on this home interior design website, wouldn’t you agree? Can you imagine your wife coming home from work one day and seeing this stationed next to the regular toilet?

urinal-bucket-on-a-plinth“Honey, it’s a man thing, try to understand”

The urinal bucket on a plinth is aptly named the “Pale Ale” and is perfect for the regular beer drinker. It’s made from pressed galvanised steel and is available to buy from Philip Watts Design.

Friends of the male variety will love using this bucket urinal and might end up staying over a few nights a week just to potter about in the bathroom. If it isn’t a hit with the wife, then it can be filled with soil and used as a bathroom plant pot.

Would you install one of these in your bathroom? What do you think the wife would say? Would your husband want one of these?