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Chairs have been made from wood for countless centuries stretching into the far distant past. However, what is different and unique about the Upside-down chair is the use of the wood to form such a striking furniture piece. Upon seeing the chair, one would be forgiven for thinking the wood was still alive and was continuing to grow and attach roots into your floor. The twisted legs add a certain haunting gothic ambiance to the chair.

Furniture designed to look as natural as possible are increasingly popular nowadays and there are a variety of design studios creating tables, beds, shelving and chairs that mimic trees, bushes and roots. This particular chair is made by Dutch designer Floris Wubben and includes part of a tree trunk and branches from a Willow Tree. The lower section was formed by binding and splinting the branches of a willow tree, forcing them to grow into four legs. Therefore, the tree has actually been inverted, hence the name.

Studio Floris Wubben specialises in creating furniture that combines natural forms with traditional designs. Human action in the design process is kept to a minimum and nature is given the primary focus. A natural item, such as a branch or tree trunk is thus formed into a furniture piece or utensil, without losing its natural appeal.

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Via: Dezeen Magazine.