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Unique pencil holders for a student’s desk or businessman’s office table come in a variety of forms. However, it is safe to say that none are as stylish, modern and unique as the Trina Pencil Holder by the Canadian designer Hani Rashid. Already a well respected creator among his peers, Rashid’s projects span a whole range of subject areas from product design to architecture and computer generated spatial design. His works include the New York Stock Exchange Virtual Trading Floor and the Guggenheim Virtual Museum.


Hani Rashid’s talent when it comes to spacial design is highlighted with the fascinating form and function of his Trina Pencil Holder. If you’re looking for a unique and very contemporary accessory for your home office desk, then this polished cast aluminum pencil holder with three branches will be ideal. Not only is the piece a handy pen and pencil organizer, it’s also a good looking and stylish decorative item that will compliment any modern or traditional interior.

You can purchase this piece from the following location: Trina Pencil Holder by Hani Rashid

This unique pencil holder is priced at: $70