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This explosive wall clock’s modern quality is found in its unique design that separates it from its usually rather boring counterparts. For a room which needs a dynamic flair, then this clock is the answer.

Each numeral is made from black matte metal and sits dynamically around the center body of the clock face. Time metaphorically explodes, sending shards of ticking seconds into the room’s interior, or so it seems. It’s reminiscent in many ways of Cornelia Parker’s exploding shed which was entered into the British Turner Prize competition in 1997.

wall-clocks-modern-expressive-explosionThis modern wall clock will suit an interior that’s basking in its own funkiness. An artist’s studio, a writer’s study, a musician’s piano room will all be natural backdrops to this wall clock’s modern style. A trendy living room or basement that caters for guests will find an added accent that will compliment the overall ambiance.

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