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If you are looking for a unique wall clock with a difference then you might consider this fan-shaped photo frame wall clock as seen in the picture below. When I first came across this usual wall clock I thought at first it was some kind of highly decorated wall fan. However, the simplistic wall clock apparatus suddenly appear and the image of a photo frame wall clock comes clearly into view. The idea behind it is ingenious.

Many clocks come with decorated faces which add color and thematic images to an interior, yet I’ve rarely seen a clock that’s been combined with a photo frame, or in this case, 8 black framed photo holders. This means you choose what is displayed in each frame whether this be family photographs, images from magazines or your favourite black and white pictures from yesteryear. The freedom to decide on what the overall clock design will be makes this fan-shaped photo frame wall clock one of the most dynamic and personalised wall accessories you could hope to find.

The simple white hands of the clock will compliment most photographs, images and colors placed within the 8 black framed photo holders that make up this fan-shaped photo frame wall clock. Whether placed in the main living room, dining room or hallway, the photo clock will be an eye catching decorative accessory that will achieve the qualities that define its creation: time keeping and a photo display.

Price: $117.95