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This wooden model sailboat sculpture with British flag sails is perfect gift for a sailing enthusiast. The Union Jack themed sails hint at the long maritime history of the British nation which once ruled the waves in a similar way to how the United States does today. The sailboat sculpture is made entirely from wood and has been hand-crafted by skilled master craftsmen. It even comes with a realistic inlaid wood strip deck like one would see on original sailboats.

The British Union Jack flag sails have been hand sewn and finished. The attractive design of the flag lends itself well to design and décor in general, which can be seen worldwide in the form of Union Jack t-shirts, art works, umbrellas and cushions. Like with the Stars and Stripes, the flag design is used in a large variety of modern artistic creations. This model sailboat sculpture is ideal for a kid’s bedroom or an adult’s home study or library area. It will look good in the main living room as well and will compliment a nautical décor theme.

You can buy it from here: Union Jack Model Sailboat Sculpture.

Non-toxic paint has been used making it safe for all the family.