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After a long hard day and night of tweeting on the social networking site Twitter, one would think any reminder of the little Twitter bird would be as unwelcome as an alarm clock on a cold Winter morning. Well, that’s exactly what you get with this twitter tweet bird song alarm clock which is a great gift idea for any Twitter fans you might know. Perhaps you are one yourself and would like to be reminded of the fun and games to be had each morning when you get out of bed.

twitter-bird-song-alarm-clockThe twitter tweet bird song alarm clock is suitable for people of all ages, whether you know of twitter or not. What I particularly like about this cheerful alarm clock is the real bird song that is played when the alarm sounds. This differs from the rather awful bells and chimes that characterise the morning shattering of slumbering bliss with regular alarm clocks. The gentle song of birds is much more of a pleasant and indeed natural way to be woken.

This twitter tweet bird song alarm clock has a contemporary appeal to it in that the little bird on top glows when the bird song alarm sounds. The added visual feature provides another factor in gently raising you from the confines of sleep. If you are a bird watcher, a twitter fanatic or just an admirer of unusual alarm clocks, then this blue sky faced alarm clock with bird song sounding alarm will be an ideal addition to your morning chorus.

You can buy this bird alarm clock from the following location: Twitter Tweet Bird Song Alarm Clock.

Price: $28