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Side tables and accents stools can often be interchangeable depending on their design. This is the case with this twisted wood stool I will write about today. It’s made entirely from solid monkeypod wood which comes from a tree that can be found worldwide. What is so beautiful and indeed unique about this hand crafted accent stool is its shape. The hourglass figure of the Morph stool creates a delicate look to this sturdy furniture piece which will compliment a wide range of interior spaces.

twisted-wood-stool-with-hourglass-appearanceThe Monkeypod tree, also known as the Albizia saman, Rain tree, East Indian Walnut and the Giant Thibet, is a species that originally came from the South American tropics but which was later taken to Asia and the Pacific islands. The wood is known to be buttery gold in color with dark chocolate brown marbling. An accent stool made from this wood echoes the beauty of this natural design in its appearance as does this one pictured. A twisting gait to the stool creates movement in an otherwise static object.

There are a number of uses for this contemporary stool which has been named the Morph Stool. It can be used as a purely decorative piece to be placed in a wall alcove with perhaps a vase of flowers on top. On the other hand, you might want to take full advantage of its strength by using it as a stool when guests come visiting. The hourglass stool can also be used as an accent or side table to be placed beside a sofa, armchair or larger table. In this sense it can be a place to put down cups, books, television remote and other bits and pieces you need close to hand. Put a cushion on top and you also have yourself a foot rest.

This visually captivating piece is an environmentally friendly furniture item made from sustainable wood forests. I rarely, if ever, showcase wooden designs on this blog that are not.

You can buy this contemporary accent stool from the following location: Twisted Wood Stool – The Morph Stool

It’s priced at: $228