The Turin side table has a unique design which allows the legs to also form an inlay pattern on the top surface. This contemporary format will attract the eye for its unusualness and excellent features and thus become a popular item of furniture in any type of interior. It can be employed as a table for beside a modern sofa or alternatively placed in the center of a room for use as one would a coffee or accent table for magazines, sculptures and flower vases.

Inspired by the designs of the East, this Turin side table incorporates four flat-panelled stainless steel legs on each side of the structure. These flat legs rise through the wenge-stained ash table top itself and end parallel with the surface. As well as adding an understated decorative element to the table’s surface, the design also provides strength and stability to a furniture piece that will last many decades.

It’s ingenious and cool and something that will contribute a contemporary feel to an interior which is basking in its own modernism. One can also place it in an eclectic interior where Bohemianism is rife and allow it to fend for itself, which it clearly will and very well so. However, the best environment will be a room leaning towards the minimalist where the sharp lines and cubist forms of the side table will merge with the interior architecture of the setting.

You can buy this table from here: Turin Side Table With Flat-Panelled Steel Legs.

Price: $298