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A tulip vase in the shape of a house. That can only be from a designer based in one country. That’s right Holland, land of the tulips. The designer’s name is David Graas. Apparently, from what I can understand, these little house vases are trophies that were awarded to energy efficient designers during an award ceremony. They were commissioned by the ministry of VROM (the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment).

tulip-vase-houses-graasIf you are environmentally or architecturally minded, you might like to know these are now available for purchase from Cor Unum. Of course it’s not just tulips that can be placed in these rather interesting glazed earthenware vase houses, but flowers of any kind as well as pens and pencils. In fact, I think they’d look much better as a home study desk accessory for writing utensils.

By the way, you can see many more designs by the talented Dutch designer David Graas on his wonderfully understated website which can be found here:

Each one costs 245€ ($171) and can be delivered worldwide.