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Truffles are held in high esteem in Haute cuisine circles and the fungus itself often sells for very high prices. Due to these financial constraints together with the strong taste, the truffle is used sparingly. This means special slicers are required in which to shave or slice the truffle over, or into, the meal being prepared. That’s where the truffle slicer comes into its own and is a kitchen tool which you will require if you like to add this pungent tasting fungus to your cooking.

In the best restaurants, the great cooks like to use all or most of the truffle so as to avoid unnecessary and expensive waste. This led to the evolution of the truffle slicer which made shaving, slicing, dicing and peeling truffles a lot more easier and effective. Many chefs even use the skins in sauces which is best achieved using special slicers.

Truffles have been consumed by mankind for thousands of years. The first recorded use of this fungus was in the 20th century BC when the neo-Sumerians commentated on their enemies eating habits, namely the Amorites. The Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus also wrote about them in the 4th Century BC. In modern times, truffles are often associated with the rather humorous way the fungus is found, using pigs, who often proceed to eat the expensive fungus much to the owner’s dismay.

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