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When space is at a premium in the kitchen and the walls are looking decidedly underused, a triple wall mounted dry food dispenser will hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes. This attractive dry foods storage unit consists of three shatter-proof canisters which hook onto a special wall mount. Each canister is capable of holding up to 13 ounces of foods such as nuts, rice, cereal, candy, coffee beans and even tea leaves.

The contemporary design will suit a variety of kitchen interior settings and compliment the vast majority of existing themes. It’s compact, convenient and has a multitude of adjustable heights. The latter point means it is ideal for disabled users who will need the wall mounted dry food dispenser at a lower height. If you have children, then the added bonus of them being fun to use will make the three wall dispensers ideal candy holders.

With this wall unit, you’ll no longer have to worry about tins and boxes taking up precious counter space in a small or busy kitchen. Once filled, the dry food will last up to 45 days in a perfectly hygienic and safe environment within the cannisters. The clear material also makes it easier to see when they need refilling as well as adding color, texture and charm to the visual environment of the kitchen and food preparation area.

If not used in the kitchen, the triple wall mounted dry food dispenser will look great in the home bar space, dining room, games room or teenager’s basement bedroom.

You can buy this item here: Triple Wall Mounted Dry Food Dispenser.

Price: $34.95