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Three in one kitchen accessories are great for saving space and adding interest to the food preparation scene. One of the best examples of contemporary and multifunctional utensils is the triple function Roll and Mix kitchen roller designed by Marcial Ahsayane. The concept is basically the merging and fitting together of three different common kitchen tools most of us might use each and every day. These include a rolling pin, pestle grinder and a cooking oil bottle.

When the bottle and grinder at put together, they form the rolling pin. The compact tool can then either be stored away in the form of the pin or alternatively in its two separate parts. Either way, the streamline design of the Roll and Mix make it an attractive element for placement within the kitchen interior. Made from white polyethylene HDPE, the implement is both sleek in appearance and easy to keep clean. All in all, perfect for making pizza!

See: Ahsayane.

H/T: Amelia Roblin.