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Wicker baskets are one of my personal favorite storage items. They look good, they are light to carry and they can be placed in just about any type of interior environment and will merge with most decor schemes. However, they can look a little isolated in some instances and this is where this wooden triangular stand with 3 wicket baskets comes onto the scene. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and tidy wicker basket storage arrangement, then this wooden stand in the vague shape of a triangle is ideal.

triangular-wicker-basket-standI really do like wicker baskets. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles and can thus be used for myriad of different uses. The triangular stand with 3 wicker baskets provides a series of wicker baskets made from seagrass. This is a marine flowering plant that when viewed in its natural habitat, on the sea bed, can look rather like grasses due to its propensity to grow in large sea meadows.

The triangular stand with 3 wicker baskets as seen in the picture above is an excellent storage piece for a bathroom, kitchen or just about any room in the home. The wicket baskets are attached to runners which form part of the main wooden stand. This gives a more secure and tidy feel and look to the overall design. On top, there is space to place a decorative item or something like a dish of soap, depending on the room in which it is located.

I can’t help being reminded of a French or English country cottage interior scheme and this is perhaps the type of room the triangular stand with 3 wicker baskets would suit most. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, wicket really is an all-purpose material and looks great in a wide variety of settings.

You can buy this wicker storage item from this location: Triangular Stand with 3 Wicker Baskets.

You can watch a video presentation of this item via the link above.