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Sometimes one lamp is just not enough. We often wish we could somehow fit in two or maybe even three further lamps in order to enhance a particular area of one room. This is particularly the case when we have a number of decorative objects or functional requirements in a small location, such as the corner of living room or a home library. Meet the Treluci floor lamp by the by Sonneman Design Group which consists of three adjustable task lights all in one structure.

Different interior décor schemes have different needs and wants from one to the next. A room dedicated to art and sculpture will need lighting that showcases these items in the best light. The Treluci floor lamp can be placed in the close vicinity of these decorative objects and will not in any way interfere with the overall scene. In fact, the contemporary and stylish framework of the lamp will add a touch of elegance and interest in its own right.

It’s not just a lamp for art showcasing either. The floor lamp with adjustable lights can be used in a reading area such as next to a much loved and comfortable armchair in the corner of a front room or back bedroom. One lamp can act as a light for the all-important act of reading whilst another can point towards a bookcase full of books or a nearby table with a vase of colorful flowers on top. The lamps, as previously mentioned, are adjustable and can be moved around depending on the direction in which the light is desired. The metal shades come in a choice of either white or black (as shown in the photo).

The versatility and dynamic nature of the Treluci floor lamp means it can be utilized in a wide variety of different locations and settings. For the summer months it can be placed in one particular room in the home whilst in the darker months of winter it can be situated in another room which needs extra ambient and focused lighting. As art work, furniture or seasons change, the task lamps can be manoeuvred into different positions thereby completely transforming an interior setting with simple adjustments.

You can buy this contemporary floor lamp from here: Treluci Floor Lamp by Sonneman.

Height: 69 inches.