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For anyone who has visited a traditional Japanese tea room, the Tatami Mat will be a familiar sight. With a long and extensive history in Japan, this portable flooring surface is to be found in many homes on the island country in East Asia. In the past, it was the most common type of flooring in Japanese homes but is now considered primarily as flooring for religious and tea-making ceremonies. A special room called a Washitsu is usually set aside for such activities.

This traditional style tatami mat is made from a double layer of Japanese rush grass which embodies long-lasting durability. Perfect for use in a variety of interiors, this tatami mat will compliment many different décor schemes especially those of an East Asian feel. Originally made in Japan for the nobility, this type of mat will bring aesthetic quality and a depth of cultural history to your home.

Japanese tatami mats are found in a number of different sizes. This particular mat is 6’x 3′ which will fit well into the majority of medium sized rooms and larger ones. The mats have also been used by martial arts practitioners as well as being used by the Samurai. In the West, a Japanese rush grass mat like this one will be ideal for a meditation room if you are so inclined to practice this relaxation technique for medical and/or Buddhist reasons. It will also serve well as a decorative floor mat to go under a home alter of whatever religion one happens to be.

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