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Rice and its cultivation has been a part of South East Asian history for a great many centuries. Deities such as the Rice Mother or Rice Goddess (Mae Posop) are worshipped, especially in Thailand where two-thirds of the population rely on rice in some way for an income. It’s not surprising therefore that this beautiful decorative rice pot as seen in the picture below is made in Thailand and is shaped in the traditional round form from bamboo strips which have then been painted red and gold.

It’s important to note that this traditional decorative Thai rice pot is not designed for actual use as a rice storage unit but purely for decorative purposes. That said, light weight and dry items, perhaps things of great importance, can be placed inside with care. The decorative rice pot is around 20 inches high and has a square base for secure placing on a table top, shelf or similar pedestal. The beauty of the Thai rice pot’s design is a pointer to the extreme honor and high esteem Thai artisans give to the Rice Mother or Rice Goddess.

If you are an admirer of East Asian art, cultures and history, then this traditional Thai rice pot with decorative gold and red markings will make a lovely addition to your kitchen, dining room or living room. For an area of any room which needs a touch of red and some cultural richness, then the Thai rice pot will fill that void nicely. Perhaps you have been to Thailand on vacation or during a gap year and you want a decorative reminder of the happy moments you spent in this fascinating country. Treat it nicely and your rice will always taste good.

You can read more about how this decorative Thai rice pot is made as well as a larger picture at the following location where you can also purchase it for $145: Thai Red & Gold Round Rice Pot.