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Eucalyptus is a wood which might not cross everyone’s minds when mentioned in relation to furniture. However, it’s perfect as a furniture material and holds a myriad of benefits over other woods. Buying a eucalyptus wood furniture piece such as a dining table or chair is not at all difficult these days and products of this type can be found widely online and in large stores in your local area. So what are the benefits that this wood can bring?

Good Quality

Eucalyptus wood is strong and sturdy, much like oak wood. Whether used in indoor or outdoor furniture, the wood is insect resistant and capable of holding large weights. Whatever an oak furniture piece can do, so can a eucalyptus one.


Compared to teak, pine and oak, the wood from a eucalyptus tree is very inexpensive and is affordable to most households. This is due in large part to their fast-growing quality which renders them an eco-friendly alternative, as long as they are a species of eucalyptus drawn from carefully harvested woodlands.


This species of wood is long-lasting and with correct care can last in relatively good condition for more than a century. Without protection, the wood will last a shorter period of time and gradually turn grey as the weathering process develops.


Eucalyptus wood is attractive to look at and is similar in grain and style to teak wood. It will look great in just about any room in the home as well as outside in the garden.

Whether in the form of a table, chair, cabinet or butcher block cart, eucalyptus wood will tick many of the boxes you will have created when looking for the right wood furniture for your home.