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Doing your part for the environment should start at home. The next time you are remodeling your home remember that it is easy to incorporate some eco-friendly ideas into the new plans. Using green materials will cut down on harmful pollutants and many are less costly and more durable than their armful counterparts. Read on to find a few examples to help save your environment and improve your living space and conditions at the same time.

1. When replacing doorknobs, framing and moldings you can use salvage materials. There are a lot of vintage looks that add character to the rooms they inhabit. Buying vintage is a way to not only recycle but save cash as well. You can buy vintage pieces that rang from cabinets to toilet fixtures.

2. Add a few solar panels when you are replacing that tired old roof. These can be installed as a part of the roof design and hooked up to provide an alternative source of energy for the home. Another solar product is the solar shingle you can install these alongside the other shingles and make a statement in your neighborhood.

3. Replace the lighting with energy-smart bulbs. If you are installing new fixtures go the extra step and use the light bulbs that cut down on the high waste of energy to brighten the home. A 26watt compact fluorescent light bulb has the candle strength of a 100watt bulb for. They cost a bit more in the beginning but at the end of the year the overall electricity savings is well worth it.

You do not have to let your efforts stop with these three there are hundreds of little ways to make small improvements in your home that will save energy for the future. Buying products in recyclable cans and bottles. Using the wasted food materials in your home to start a composite. A word of warning that family member that came to visit at Thanksgiving and haven’t left yet should not be a part of the compost. Feeloaders make bad fertilizer. Insulate around door and window openings, this will help you to avoid loss of energy. Heating and cooling units work twice as hard when the efforts are being lost to the out of doors.

As you can see there is a lot one person can do. The road to a better tomorrow is paved by the work of each individual. You can do your part.

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