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You’ve decided to completely re-do your child’s bedroom. This might be due to a variety of reasons including the arrival of a new baby, the inclusion of a new step-child to the family or because the old room was just looking stale and boring. Whatever the reasons, the following list highlights ten of the best furniture pieces you can acquire for your little boy’s new bedroom interior. Each one has been mentioned on Home Interior Design Themes previously and more information can be found by following each link provided.

They are as follows…

Child’s Roll Top Desk – A child is going to need a place to do homework and write thank you letters to family members after Christmas. This miniature version of an adult’s roll top desk is an attractive and sophisticated furniture piece which will bring a touch of intellectual awareness to your little boy’s bedroom interior. It can also be placed in a special study room for home-schooled kids.

Kid’s Zebra High Chair – All kids know of the zebra. It’s hard not to what with its distinctive black and white stripes. For savannah or jungle themed bedrooms (artistic licence), a zebra highchair will look just the part. Children love animal designed furniture because of the friendly faces and character filled magic that these pieces present. They are also fuel for the imagination.

Buying Loft Bunk Beds – Children adore bunk beds of all varieties and the loft bed is no exception. This is a type of bunk bed but without the lower bunk included. Instead, there’s extra space for play or for added furniture such as tables and desks. If you have an only child or one that likes to have his own room, then a loft bed is likely to better suit your needs when it comes to buying bedroom furniture.

Buying Toy Boxes – Storage space can often be a problem in a child’s room especially if it’s on the small side. Installing new cupboards and wardrobes can be expensive. However, there is an alternative to costly furniture pieces and that’s the inclusion of toy boxes which fulfil two roles in one. They can store away toys, books and clothing whilst also offering a place to sit, not to mention an added decorative feature.

Giraffe Chair – Like zebras, the giraffe is a popular and easy to recognise animal in a child’s eye. Their unique long necks offer countless design and décor possibilities which will be well received by kids. It’s therefore natural to assume that a giraffe chair with the distinctive markings and the long neck will be a much sought after item and that is indeed correct.

Polar Bear Rocker – New polar bears are not normally seen as animals which lend themselves to interior design. Their white and rather rotund bodies offer little scope. However, this polar bear rocker is different. It’s a fun furniture piece for a child love loves to rock and will suit kid’s rooms of varying styles, especially those with animal themed.

World Cup Soccer Ball Swivel Chair – Soccer is generally seen as a fourth or fifth tier sport in the United States and generally played and watched by girls and soccer moms. In the rest of the world it is the number one sport and millions of people obsess over the results, players and matches each and every week. However, soccer is a steadily growing phenomenon in the US and the national team have found relative success abroad. This world cup chair celebrates this fact and will suit a little boy who is soccer mad.

Fun Chairs on Wheels – These fun chairs are more than just seating apparatus. They are also able to transport toys, books and little kids around the house. With wheels attached, the car shaped chairs can also be used to help tiny children take their first steps and act as a stability tool. Their colourful nature and fun shapes mean they can be used for a whole host of jobs, games and imaginary scenarios.

Jigsaw Puzzle Book Shelf – Wooden bookcases can be rather dull and boring for a kid’s bedroom. When a little more color and excitement are needed, what you’ll need is a jigsaw puzzle book shelf. These come in a variety of colors and can be fitted together in the same way as you complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. With books, toys and other bits and pieces on them, they’ll look fantastic.

Noah’s Ark Themed Rocking Chair – Religion is an important aspect to the majority of families across the United States. The story of Noah is thus an indispensible part of a child’s religious education and what better way to remind them of the Bible stories than with biblical themed furniture. The rocking chair is perfect for reading time or for watching television and can be placed in the bedroom, home-school room or even in the main living room.

Can’t see what you’re looking for in this list? If so, browse through our huge catalog of furniture for children which can be found here: Kid’s Furniture.