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Toothpicks and lighting are not usually synonymous with one another but in the case of these Stamen chandeliers they are a perfect match. The incredible lamps are the creation of Japanese designer Daisuke Hiraiwa and were shown for the first time at the 2009 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York. Hiraiwa’s toothpick lamps are said to have wowed visitors to the fair with their innovation and wonderful curves.

toothpick-echidna-lightThe Stamen chandeliers were made by the simple process of gluing thousands of toothpicks together whereby a flexible disc shape was formed. This allows the lamp to be moved and reshaped depending on the look required. Many commentators have remarked it looks uncannily similar to the small Australian mammal the Echidna, or their more well known name, spiny anteater.

spikey-ant-eater-echidnaHiraiwa began the process of forming these contemporary lampshade by arranging hundreds of toothpicks upside down in a container. A special Japanese glue was then spread over the bases and allowed to dry. The resulting disc then provides a dynamic base with which to manipulate the lamp’s shape.

toothpick-hedgehog-lampDaisuke Hiraiwa was born in Tokyo and later studied architecture and ceramics at Art Collage in Japan. He moved to London in 2006 where he set up his own design company in 2007. You can read more about Hiraiwa as well as his other unique designs here:

toothpick-chandelierWhat do you think of this toothpick lamp? Would you have one in your home?

HT: Inhabitat