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The tooth fairy, along with Santa Claus, was one of the magical beings that was a part of my childhood. When a child of five or six, I truly believed that a little fairy would come in the middle of the night and replace my baby tooth with a coin. The awe and delight I experienced when dawn came and I found the little gift beneath my pillow was tremendous. That’s why I would have loved one of these tooth fairy themed pillows for children.

Some have little pockets sewn into the many body of the cushion in which a baby tooth can be placed. All have decorative themed imagery of the mythical little fairy that has visited small children, in the middle of the night, for centuries. The page linked to above and below goes into more detail regarding the cultural history of this character as well as showcases a wide range of tooth fairy pillows for kids.

As with Christmas celebrations, the joy seen in a child’s eyes often brings back fond memories of one’s own childhood and thus these pillows will create a sense of wonderment in both children and adults alike. There are a variety of colors and designs to suit all sorts of existing decor schemes and bedding types.

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