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What’s a style fashionista to do when a toilet break interrupts precious reading time? How are the Astin Martins and Bugattis meant to stay pristine in the car magazine if you have to take your eyes away from the pages? Short of attaching a colostomy bag, there is nothing much you can do about the call of nature. However, there is a way to enjoy both activities simultaneously without getting your reading material wet and dirty. The solution is a wall mounted toilet paper holder with magazine rack.

magazine-rack-toilet-paper-holderThe bathroom floors are not the best of places to leave magazines, books and newspapers. Therefore we like to have some kind of table or holder which lifts our reading material off the ground and which is easy to access from certain positions. Another factor is that as we grow older, our bodies are not particularly receptive to bending over great distances. A magazine toilet paper holder that is close to hand is therefore a more comfortable proposition.

This toilet paper holder with magazine rack as pictured above is a modern stainless steel design that will fit most types of bathroom interior design styles. The stainless steel look after all is rather ubiquitous to the regular domestic toilet room. As well as leaving both reading material and the toilet paper close to hand, it also means often valuable floor space is left uncluttered. This is especially helpful in smaller bathrooms.

You can buy this handy bathroom accessory from this place: Toilet Paper Holder With Magazine Rack

Just remember to leave the bathroom occasionally or your spouse/partner might not be too impressed. Or they might call an ambulance thinking you are stuck.

Price: $38