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Most people switch out their winter clothes for light, airy ones when the seasons change. A fantastic way to help bring somebody into the new season is to do the same with their home. Redecorating a home for spring and summer means exchanging darker colors for light ones and adding new focal points. Taking the time to make this switch can help somebody feel as bright and happy as the weather outside looks. The following tips can make a huge change in the overall look and are very inexpensive.

Organizing and Removing Clutter
The first thing on a priority list for somebody when redecorating is to remove items that don’t need to be there. Cleaning out the spaces and organizing books into bookcases will help make the room look much cleaner. Many people like to lighten up their space by taking out heavy or bulky items and replacing them with light, airy pieces. Displaying smaller collections can also help make a room appear less cluttered.

Rearranging Furniture
One of the easiest ways to make a difference in a room is to move the furniture around. Relocating the couch to another space and placing a bookcase in the other corner can completely change the look of a room. Considering the natural light filtering in and the fact that the fireplace will not be needed can help somebody determine where the furniture should be placed.

Exchanging Linens
A good place to start to help filter in some natural light is the windows. A lot of homeowners use dark linens during the winter months, but this could have a negative effect in the warmer months. Replacing curtains with light, airy curtains allow natural light to come in and make a room appear much more open. Taking off old throw pillows or sewing accents to them can help brighten up the space. Bright floral pillows are always a good choice for spring and summer, along with using just vivid colors, like fuchsia, orange, or yellow. Rolling up an old rug and placing a new one is a much brighter color can also help brighten up the space drastically.

Decorating the Wall
Taking down old pictures and replacing them with fun graphics and art work can brighten up a room almost instantly. While some people like hanging strictly photographs, adding ones with some color and fun elements can make a room appear much lighter. Depending on the interests of the person, the options are almost limitless to what is placed on the walls. Some people love the look of fun plates on the walls, while others are fans of traditional color photographs.

Adding New Accessories
Depending on how the room is decorated, there are a lot of things that can be added to make a change. A dining room can look drastically different with the addition of new placemats in fun colors and an interesting centerpiece. A bowl of lemons bring in some color to a table, while still being functional. New towels in a kitchen or bathroom can add some color and help bring the room into a more festive state. Using fun patterns and colors will help add some punch without being too out there.

Redecorating a room during the change of seasons can help lighten somebody’s mood right away and help the space feel just right. Exchanging linens and rearranging the furniture to allow in natural light can help open up the space. New towels and pillows can add splashes of color and help bring old pieces of furniture into the new season. Taking the time to check out the existing accessories will make a big difference in the room and help it appear much brighter with the right amount of flair.

Deborah Petersen is a content contributor for Design 55, a designer and online retailer of Design 55 Modern Furniture.