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The Israeli furniture designer and architect Ron Arad has recently produced a new set of work which will shortly be showing at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in London. Never one to be categorized by his critics or contemporaries, Arad has excelled in all design fields he has engaged in, including also product design. His evolution as a designer is one of self-taught study, determination and inventive imagination.


The United States Map Bookcase is an example of his creativity which straddles the worlds of Interior and Furniture Design. This bookshelf is part of a sophisticated experimental collection of pieces that are being put on display for the very first time. I must say I rather like it and wonder what a British version would look like.

Ron Arad is head of the Design Products masters’ degree course at the Royal College of Art in London. The display will run from the 8. April to 9. May 2009 at 15 Carlos Place, London, W1K 2EX.

See: Ron Arad’s Website and his British Design Museum Biography.