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I have four cats so I know the mayhem and pandemonium that can take place at feeding time. A clear strategy is usually needed by where two cats are fed in one room and the other two, in the kitchen. Otherwise the more dominant cats will just scoff their food down and then impolitely push their nose into one of the docile cat’s food bowl. I’m sure fellow cat owners with multiple felines will understand my predicament.

Cat Bowl by Miriam Mirri

There is one way to make cat’s feeding time a little more exciting and sophisticated, well, at least for us owners. This Tigrito Cat Bowl by Miriam Mirri as seen in the picture above is an ideal cat feeding bowl accessory which feeds two animals at the same time. If you have two sibling cats or a pair of cats that get on well together and don’t pinch each other’s food, then this double food bowl is a great addition to any interior environment.

One can also use this Tigrito Cat Bowl for a single cat. One bowl can be for food, the other for water. This unique and humorous cat feeding accessory comes from the famous Italian design factory Alessi which is renowned for making quality and original products for the kitchen. I’ve written about them numerous times and they have become one of my favourite names in the Interior Design world.

However, moving on, you can find out more information about this double feeding bowl from the following location: Tigrito Cat Bowl by Miriam Mirri.

There you will also find measurements and prices. The cat bowls come in a choice of three different colors including light blue, yellow and grey.

I’m now off to feed my cats, wish me luck!