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Women are special and of that there is little doubt. As all families will testify, the life giving nature of a woman together with her nurturing magic are what forms and holds a family together through good times and bad. This is why Susan Lordi’s human figure sculptures are a popular choice when it comes to buying statues that recognise and celebrate the special women in our lives whether they be our mothers, daughters, grandmothers or aunts.

This particular table top sculpture portrays three generations of one family in the form of a little female child being held by her mother. Her grandmother is interacting with the child whilst also keeping a loving hand on her own daughter, the child’s mother. The sculpture is a beautiful display of unity and togetherness which will touch women across the nation who recognise the scene in their own lives.

The sculptures are made from resin but are cast from original wood carvings made by the artist. Each is then individually hand painted to create a unique and personal statue. Part of the Willow Tree sculpture range, the three generations of women is ideal for placement on a shelf or table in a prominent position in a living room, hallway or bedroom. It’s something that will be admired by all members of the family who recognise the contribution of women, not only in their household but also around the world.

You can buy it from here: Willow Tree Generations Figurine.

7 inches in height.