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Stained glass windows are mostly regarded as decorative aspects of Christian religious architecture such as churches and cathedrals. However, they have also been a fundamental part of other buildings, including the domestic setting of a family home. This beautifully decorated square stained glass window features three common little birds found in most backyards across the North American continent, especially where wildlife is encouraged and taken care off.

Dark brown tree branches can be seen criss-crossing the main scene whilst three colourful birds, each in a different pose, survey the unseen landscape. The piece has been hand crafted utilizing a copperfoil construction process together with stained art glass whilst the border is made of a solid brass frame. The result is a delightfully colourful and light window decoration which can be hung against any window in your home. A mounting bracket and jack chain come included with the decorative bird-themed window. This means it can be easily attached to a wide variety of window areas regardless of what type of room one desires it to be placed within.

Stained glass can literally transform an interior space and the jewel of light which is this three birds on a branch stained glass window make it an ideal addition for any room with a window needing something a little special to make it shine out. Another positive aspect is that these little decorative windows do not reduce light entering the home in any way and instead accentuates and makes more beautiful that which already does. If you have a love of nature and birds in particular then this will make a wonderful addition for your own home or an excellent gift for someone you know.

You can buy it from here: Early Morning Visitors Stained Glass Window.

Size: 18”H x 18”W.