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The human form has long been one of the most popular subjects to paint and portray. This wall art set showing a trio of African women in silhouette form is no different and adds a contemporary touch to the age old art form of human figurative paintings. The hand-painted oil on canvas set is composed of three separate canvases, each with a single African female silhouette against a soft colorful and sky-filled background.

When assembled together, the three individual art canvases can be placed on a wall in which ever order is deemed the most pleasing. Two of the female African figures appear to be dancing or walking whilst the third holds a beautiful red pot. Each of the trio of women are simply dressed with colorful skirts and adorned with white jewelry including arm bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

The forms of the three African women highlight their delightful femininity and graceful movement. Contrasted with the soft colors of the background and skirts, the black silhouettes produce an eye-catching focus and visual appeal. Placed on a wall in a contemporary interior, this wall art triptych will provide a warm and pleasant accent piece to the ambiance of the room. This will especially be the case if the setting has an African theme.

You can buy this oil on canvas wall art set from here: Three African Women Silhouettes.

Price: $299