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As the Autumn season approaches, we know that the Winter and cold weather cannot be far behind. This leads us to think about the kitchenware we might need to replace and improve upon for when the temperatures head south. Keeping liquids hot for longer periods of time is just such a need. The answer to this need is something like the black contour thermos jug as seen in the pictures that follow.

black-thermos-jugYou could of course just use a regular flask for pouring your coffee, tea, warm soup and hot chocolate into suitable tableware. However, this would not be conducive to the homely look and decor you would want to achieve in a family kitchen. With this stylish black thermos jug, you get a perfectly functioning thermal container as well as a stylish and contemporary shaped jug.

The black thermo jug is composed of high-tech and very efficient materials that keep liquids either hot of cold depending on the desired outcome. Inside the jug, a thermal insert is made up of double-walled stainless steel which can hold up to one liter of liquid. More regular thermos jugs are made of glass and as a result are not as good as insulation as this black contour thermo jug by Danish designer Pernille Vea.

Pernille-Vea-Black-Contour-Thermo-JugThe outer shell of this modern looking jug is made up of solid thermal synthetic material which is coated with synthetic rubber as well as colored in matt black. This means the thermo jug is both wonderfully stylish and also mercifully easy to clean. On top is a screw-on lid which is completely air tight. The jug is opened by a mere press of a button which is located in the middle of the lid.

This sophisticated thermos jug is perfect for a modern home kitchen that needs a little added design elegance.

You can buy this jug from the following location: Thermos Jug in Black by Pernille Vea.

Price: $99.90