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LEDs and quilts are not the first combination you would think of when contemplating the perfect match of technology and old fashioned sewing techniques. However, this is what the young American furniture designer, John Niero, has done.

The Zipper Silicone Luminaire is constructed out of silicone, LEDs and zippers, the latter of which are attached to either end of the illuminating device. These allow one of the quilt-like structures to be attached to another if so desired. The wiring is woven in a similar way to the classic quilt weaving patterns with the LEDs forming the fabric squares.

Whilst one would not associate LEDs as ideal space lighting accessories, in the case of the Zipper Silicone Luminaire their potential ugliness is hidden from view and is diffused into a wider blanket of light.

What is appealing and indeed unique about this design, are the zippers which allow multiple ways to enhance a room whether by placing the quilts on the wall or curling them into various forms to make free-standing structures or floor lamps. I can imagine these proving extremely popular not only in the domestic environment but also in the commercial market for places such as bars, clubs and restaurants.


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