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The most impressive looking bookcase or shelving unit I’ve ever come across has to be the X-shaped Quad Bookcase by designer Nauris Kalinauskas. Made from simple plywood and metal, the multiple diagonal shelves create a visually arresting furniture piece which will make a room’s ambiance jump with passion and life. The stained oak veneer finish of the plywood shelves together with the colorful powder-coated metal back panels adds a look of quality to the unit.

The x-shaped Quad Bookcase can be used to store a wide variety of objects including books, CDs, DVDs, contemporary sculptures, folders and even lighting. Whilst most bookcases are horizontal in shape when it comes to their shelving, this fun lattice style bookcase offers a unique and somewhat dynamic alternative for your storage and display needs. Whatever you place on the shelves, the Quad Bookcase will be a stunning feature and literally a work of art in itself.

There are 3 varying models of the Quad Bookcase, each in the distinctive diagonal x-shape. The differences largely rest in the size of the shelving unit. These details can be found on the product page which can be found via the link below. As one can see from the picture, the bookcase is free-standing and provides further storage space where the slats meet the floor and possible side walls.

You can buy this shelving unit with a difference from this location: X-Shaped Quad Bookcase.

Price: $999