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The majority of the interior designs, home products and styles I showcase on this website are tasteful and things I would choose to buy or have in my own home. However, the following item is something that is just too bizarre and outlandish for me even to consider having on a mantelpiece of mine. Meet Bob, the 3-D image of a recently departed soul, made into a personal urn. Okay, Bob is not real, it is merely an example of the ‘head’ that could be resting on your living room bookcase.

personal-head-urnThe personal urns are created by taking a photographic image of the recently deceased person and turning it into a 3-D Urn where the person’s ashes can be stored. High-tech advances in facial reconstruction along with 3-D printing have led to the possibility of such a detailed and personal representation of a human head.

Quite who would want such a “head urn” like these is an answer I wouldn’t mind knowing. For Elvis and Michael Jackson fans, you could consider having a personal urn in the form of their heads to put on your mantelpiece or hallway table. Of course, you don’t have to keep ashes in these urns, you can instead fill them with lavender, peppermints, nuts or house plants. Just don’t offer any of the mints to someone with a heart condition.

You can find out more about these “head urns” by checking here: Personal Urns

H/T: Gearfuse