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For anyone who has worked in fashion modelling or in a photography studio, the umbrella floor lamp as seen below will be a reminder of the large photo-studio lamps one can find in such locations. However, this umbrella floor lamp which is the creation of Venezuelan designer Pablo Pardo is much smaller and designed for use in a domestic home interior setting. If you are looking for a decorative lamp with simplicity matched with elegance, this floor lamp is worth a second look.

The umbrella floor lamp features a Lycra diffuser which spreads light to all areas of the photo-studio style lamp shade. This, combined with the long but sturdy iron base and trunk, leads to the effect of a light hovering in space when lit in a dimmed room. In many ways, as one can see from a picture on the product web page, the umbrella floor lamp is reminiscent of a jellyfish floating in the dark oceans, one often sees on nature documentaries. It’s a quality floor lamp and one that also has a full range dimmer.

The designer behind the umbrella floor lamp is as impressive in his creative scope as his lamp is in beauty and light. Pablo Pardo was born in Venezuela but then moved to the United States where he set up his own design company in 1993, aptly called ‘Pablo’. He’s a graduate of the renowned University of Cincinnati and has designed products for large and famous companies such as Fisher Price and Daimler Chrysler. As is so often the case with gifted designers, their creations span a large and diverse range of products.

Pablo Pardo’s Umbrella Floor Lamp is a lighting fixture for a contemporary interior. Its simplicity, elegance and modernist design means it will compliment and merge well with furniture and décor that are similar in scope, character and sophistication. Like a great painting, this umbrella floor lamp is meant to be enjoyed for its aesthetic qualities which will transfer through the medium of light, to the rest of the interior in which the lamp is located.

You can read more about this lamp as well as discover where to buy it from this location:
Umbrella Floor Lamp by Pablo

By the way, the diffusers can also be found in four other colors apart from the white which is shown in the image above. These colors include Silver, Plum, Black or Ice Blue.