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It can be a difficult chore deciding on what type of accent table to purchase for a living room. We may want something modern looking but with multi-functionality. Materials are important and sometimes wood gets stale when seeking a new furniture piece. We also want something that will blend into the widest variety of interior settings. With all this in mind, I present to you the U-Turn Table which acts as a transparent accent table as well as a magazine rack.

The U-Turn Table is made from clear acrylicwhich is both strong and visually appealing. The all-in-one construction provides two table surfaces, one below the other. As previous buyers of the U-Turn Table have remarked, the smaller surface underneath provides a very handy place for a TV remote control. The spaces either side are ideal for storing magazines, newspapers and books one might have recently purchased and want to keep close to hand when a quiet moment arises.

Uniqueness is the hallmark of the U-Turn Table which embodies contemporary design and furniture style. As mentioned before, the transparent nature of the clear acrylic accent table means the U-Turn Table will compliment and blend in with a wide variety of interior design schemes. If you have books and journals you want to showcase to family and friends, this accent table and magazine rack is ideal.

Price: $98