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The Theo Table is a simple yet highly effective engineered end table for use in a living room. End tables, as their name implies, are ideal for placing at the end of sofas or besides armchairs. Most are used as small tables on which to place TV remotes, drinks, magazines and small temporary items one uses on a day to day basis whilst seated. Like with any style of table, end tables can also be decorated and used as display platforms for flower arrangements and lamps.

The Theo Table as seen above has been crafted with stainless steel and wood. This provides a simple design which doesn’t detract from other items of furniture or décor in the interior where it is placed. A visible wood grain can be seen on the espresso veneer surface which adds a certain character to the intelligently engineered Theo Table.

The end table is highly versatile and is designed to hang over the seating part of a sofa or chair if needs be. This allows for easy use without the need to excessively reach over just to place down a coffee cup or asthma inhaler. End tables like this Theo Table are highly regarded for their safety and versatility. It’s small enough to be lifted out of the way easily and manoeuvred for a better fit or function. The particular design of the Theo Table also means it’s highly unlikely to topple over.

Price: $298