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Tired of fishing around in your tea cup for the stringed teabag label? From my own personal experience, nearly 50% of the time, the teabag string and paper tip falls into the nearly poured hot water. How often have you wished for an answer to this tea drinker’s frustration-inducing problem? The answer lies in the special Tea Tie Cup designed by George Lee. Made from porcelain, the cup promises to keep the teabag string out of the cup itself and make morning tea more relaxing.

It works with a simple hook design in-built into the rim of the cup. The creation is reminiscent of a harbour cleat used for tying ships when they berth. In the same, the string is wrapped around the hook and securely fastened, thereby preventing the teabag label from falling into the water. One might be forgiven for asking why we just don’t hold the label as the water is being poured? That’s not always easy to remember especially when still half asleep in the early morning.

Plus it looks good and is an original design which will have people talking about it when they pop round for a cup of tea.

Price: $25

You can buy it from here: The Tea Tie Cup.