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The unique Susquehanna Table is a furniture piece that merges classic and natural materials with a contemporary look and style. As well as the aesthetics of the table, the multi-functionality also provides a wider choice of uses and settings which means a greater choice when it comes to complimenting an existing interior. The walnut wood Susquehanna Table is not just a table but also a seat, bench and storage unit rather like a chest.

Made from solid walnut, the multifunctional furniture piece has been given a natural finish which highlights the natural beauty of the wood, grains and colors that are inherent to walnut wood. A gently carved seat is seen on one side of the table-cum-chest which offers both a comfortable seating position but also a pleasing visual ambiance to the structure of the table in general.

The Susquehanna can be used as a table one day and then as a seat or bench another day. It can be placed at the bottom of a bed, behind a sofa or used as a coffee table whilst also being able to be cleared of any items when visitors come and extra seating space is needed. When placed in a guest room, it can be used as a storage space for extra bedding or even as a toy chest in the corner of the living room which can then be transformed into a seating arrangement when needs require.

The options are endless and the various combinations of table, seat, bench and storage unit means this solid walnut wood table will always find a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing position in any home interior, for a great many years. It’s easy on the eye and will merge with a wide range of existing decor. Lift the top and front face to open up the space inside.

You can buy this multi-use table from here:

The Susquehanna Shimna Table

Price: $2,900