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A doorknocker is one of the first personalised accessories visitors to your home will see. It can say a lot about who you are including your personality and indeed, your status, for those who care about such a thing. As a designer, I like to provide a bit of a shock value and talking point to my home decor and related designs. This is why I was immediately attracted to the stone doorknocker as shown in the picture below.


Although it’s not technically an item for the home interior, rather for the exterior, I thought it impossible not to include as part of a savvy homeowner’s must-have accessory. The stone doorknocker can be attached to the main front door, or alternatively, screwed onto an interior door to provide a humorous element to a part of the home.

Why not attach it to the bathroom door? When the kids are using up all the hot water, you can give the door a good thud! Perhaps place it on the outside of the home study room, where your partner can signal that it’s time to take a rest from writing that all important thesis or novel.

The stone doorknocker is as much a decorative item as it is a usable accessory. It’s an ideal item for use in any location where a talking point is intended to be enjoyed.

You can purchase this contemporary door accessory from the following location: Stone Doorknocker

Price: $98