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Comfortable sofas are everywhere and can be found in towns and cities across the globe with consummate ease. However, the tricky part comes when trying to find one that looks good and will fit in with your current interior decor. This conundrum can take weeks, if not months, and leave you with a splitting headache worse than a tear on the White House settee.

The post-modern Rae Sofa is a possible option. Unlike many of its contemporaries of this particular design philosophy, it has subtle curves that one could almost define as being sexy. The lean design and long length re-conform to the classical style seating furniture that pre-dated the Modernist period.

rae-sofa-modern-contemporary-couch-in-grayThis sofa which has a unique sophistication will be a wonderful piece of home furnishing for a living room, study, library or even a bedroom. If you have an art studio set up in your house then this cool and contemporary couch will be ideal. Although one would have to be careful not to spill paint on it.

The Rae Sofa is made of a tightly woven and very durable charcoal gray polyester weave. Underneath is a solid wooden frame with sturdy espresso wood legs. It reminds me a lot of the seating you see in museums and galleries. To transfer this smart atmosphere to a home environment is a great idea.

modern-rae-sofa-in-living-roomHave a look here for pricing and further details: Rae Sofa