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I know I’m certainly feeling the heat at the moment and so whilst browsing through a selection of desktop fans, I found this rather endearing fan with soft rubber blades. It’s called ‘The Propello’ and has been created by the famous Anglo-Swiss Black and Blum partnership that have found admirers worldwide for their creativity together with functionality. If you’re looking for a fan to go in a child’s room, this is a great choice to consider.

The soft rubber blades provide a safe and user-friendly feature that can be used by all the family. It can be turned in a variety of directions and has adjustable airflow intake. Owing to the soft nature of the fan blades, the worry over stray fingers being hurt if accidentally placed too close is diminished. In fact, previous buyers have reported no pain or damage whatsoever when a pinkie has been used as a test dummy.

The main body of the fan is made from a pressure cast zinc alloy and aluminum body which provides a strong and study framework in which the rubber blades can turn. A Johnson Electric motor provides the horsepower. Whether you’re looking for a desktop fan for your home office, a kid’s bedroom table or for a kitchen counter, the Propello fan with soft rubber blades will make a great addition to a home interior.

You can buy this fan from here: The Propello Desktop Fan.

Price: $140