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The Oasis couch is constructed of plywood covered with fabric. What’s interesting about it is the lack of decorative features so common to fabric-covered seating designs. The impetus is on the structural shapes of the furniture pieces and how they relate to their surroundings. Function merges with form and comes before decor.

oasis-changeable-couch-bramThe couch consists of two separate and changeable seating elements. One section is composed of a laptop table built into the sofa seat which can also be used as a chaise longue. A lamp is attached to the more regular second section which arcs over the seating area to a position above the table. Underneath the seating is a comfortable level of foam.

couch-oasis-seperable-bramA number of interiors would be suitable for such a simple yet structurally interesting item of furniture. However, for cat and dog lovers who live in wet climates, its probably not a good idea.

Belgian designer Bram Boo is the name behind the Oasis Couch.