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A great home office desk can really make an impact on the mind when work is concerned. Our environments are very important to us, especially when concentration and comfort are needed. Working from home can also be extremely distracting which can become overwhelming without the structure and format of a separate work space. The mind requires a tidy and orderly place for maximum industriousness.

matteo-home-office-desk-wood-leather-glass-topThis is where the Mateo Desk can be of great benefit. Made from modern brown leather, wood and glass, the sleek and small looking home office executive desk would suit a multitude of interiors. Its organic and angular shapes plus generous proportions make this highly functional item of furniture both good looking and advantageous to a sound work ethic.

There’s some white contrast stitching on the seams as well as an oak veneer finish on the legs. It’s a sophisticated desk if you’re looking for something to put in the office at home.

Priced at $1,398

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